Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Latest Layout About Me

First let me aplogize for the lack of periods in my writings. My period key has gone on the blink

So here I am in a hotel room in Fort McMurray with limited supplies and a stack of photos that should have been scrapped ages ago I have to tell you its pretty funny I have no trimmer, I left the blade for it sitting on my kitchen table I have about 60 sheets of cardstock and papers and when I tell you my brain wasn't working believe me as very little of my cardstock matches my papers Thank heavens for white cardstock I do have my Tim Holtz distressing inks, sanding block and yes my glossy accents

So this is the second layout of my book on how to look after your Dawn This is all about the facets of me that make me me. Passion, Creativity, Desire, Ambition, Charm and Playfulness. That these are the things that draw people to me and they can be the same things that drive people away. I take passion to an extreme - nothing half way. This is essential for success and yet it is difficult for some to handle.Oh bye the way, I do realize that the glossy accents wasn't completely set when I took the photo. The tab on the right pulls out to reveal a 5" x 5" square with journalling. I highly reccomend hotel cropping to use your stash (the extremes I go to hehe).

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Pam said...

i love this layout dawn! great accents and a beautiful picture!