Monday, April 9, 2007

All About Me Challenge

April has been filled with scrapbooking challenges that were presented to me. From my LSS Just Scrap It the challenge was a layout about yourself. Not your dog, kid, husband bestfriend or a favourite flower - JUST ABOUT YOURSELF.

I know that for some people that is a really difficult thing to do - I guess I am more egocentric than some as I do pages about me, my feelings, dreams and goals all the time. I find it healing when I am hurting, reassuring when I am scared and when I am ecstatic I can save my family and friends from having to listen to me soar above cloud nine (more than they have hehe). I have been dating again and I know that I am a difficult person to figure out. A mixture of old world values and new age beliefs. I feel sorry for the men in my life not knowing which set of values or beliefs will kick in when.

I saw a book that a mother had done about how to care for her daughter so that if something happened to her somebody would know about all the little things her daughter liked done. So I thought to myself why not make a book about me that someone special could read and learn to understand some of the things about me. Things that I take for granted.

So the layout I am sharing with you today is #10 - Walk on the wild side

The journalling is hidden under the large title " I haven't always been the most adventuresome in my life. As I get older I find myself pushing the boundaries. I have found myself with people that I would have shyed away from earlier in life. I find myself doing things now that most people did their early twenties . Becareful of what you wish for - I just might!" I won't provide you the list of things that I have done - don't want to completely ruin my angelic image.

Have a great day everyone - and remember you're worth writing about too!


scrappaleica said...

dawn, great layout idea! hey is this one of those infamous barn pics?

Pam said...

i love this layout! your creations are amazing!