Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hoppy Easter to One and All

Well its been and gone! I have worked two solid days on preparing special place cards to be attached to mini take out containers filled with treats. They were all done and sitting with pride on the counter waiting for today. Friday night my sweet, darling, loving son left a box of icecream on the counter beside the placecard mini containers. (Okay Dawn continue to repeat - "I Love my teenage son! I Love my teenage errrrr! I Love my errrrrrrrrrrrr! now what was that again oh yes I L O V E my son.) How much more of picture do I need to paint for you. Melted green chocolate chip icecream and white takeout containers - 3. Breath Dawn, slowly let it out, Breath in and exhale pheeeeeeeeeewwwww. I new that time was limited so I dashed off to pick up some inexpensive baskets that would replace the basket and last for a long time. But that is not the end of my sad story for you (please fake the tear a least - remembering I am devistated that my original table concept has been changed). I go to attach the last couple of nametags and then disaster struck again. The eyelets were pulled out and the letters breaking. So I pull out my cricut and make two new ones, paint, sand, stamp, and proudly hold them of all to admire.

Wait there is more........ I ask my family at dinner if they liked their handmade gift/basket tags.
Not one, other than my mother realized that the tags were there first initial. That was the straw that broke the camels back. Then the kids started doing trades with me to rid themselves of the sweets they didn't care for and gain the coveted ones. My ham was as crispy as the bacon I usually make. The appetizers were forgotten down stairs, the crust of one pie ruined another remained un baked. My children informed me the pototatoes were lumpy and that the peas were to small.

I do want to mention though that my son had an amazing and touching moment with me when he looked at me across the table and said. The corn was cooked to perfection. I was touched as he noted the perfect taste, shape and amount of butter sauce. Then he smiled again and said thanks mom for using a prefabricated veggie. On that note I smiled sweetly and acknowledged that I had still prepared more than he had.

This is a layout in the making LOL. I look forward to returning to those moments in time and review my postings. Then preserving another family golden moment.

Today I thought I would share with you a an items that I am very proud of having created. It is the name tag I did for camp croppin. It uses a air drying clay a bras template, inks, embossing powders and looks pretty darn good for a couple of hours in a hotel room.


Pam said...

Very cool name tag dawn.
i am sorry about easter dinner. i am sure the meal was wonderful and it does not surprise me that your family didn't notice the place cards as i made christmas cards this year and everyone asked where i bought them! one person even said that she bought nicer ones last year on boxing day at carlton cards, i wanted to scream. if a person is not creative or doesn't go to the trouble of creating beautiful things i don't think they realize how much work it is and how much time and energy is put into it.

Ralna Nordstrom said...

Oh Dawn, sometimes it feels like nobody appreciates all the work we Moms do to make special times more special. I try to remember that I'm really doing it for me as much as them and that one day they will get it.

scrappaleica said...

Dawn, sorry about Easter dinner. and there are always jerks that don't recognize talent. I experienced similar comments at Christmas this year with the name tages I made (which took hours!!!!) I really loved your name tag though!

Julie said...

So sorry about Easter Dawn - they do appreciate your work though... I have been there, many times. Now I get Allison to make the name tags - just for the fun she has doing it - and I don't expect perfection - just something with their name on it.
With only three of us for Easter dinner this year I solved all the issues - we went to Montanas! I really enjoyed myself - no name tags, no Easter decorations on the table, no food to prepare and NO DISHES.