Friday, April 27, 2007

Something Old but still Classic and appealing.

Here is a layout that is several years old and one which have done several times for clients. Clean and simple lines make it appealing and timeless. What gives it excitement is the printing on the aida cloth. Now not all printers will be accomodating of the bulk. I would reccomend a test run on scraps before you attempt on your good piece.

Here is the method that I use for doing this.
  1. Print your photo on a blank sheet of paper. It will show you the exact size of the material you will need to use. It will also show you exactly where it will print your image.
  2. Apply a removable or temporary adhesive to the back of your fabric.
  3. Center the fabric over top of the printed image on your test print.
  4. Go into your printers setup options and chose the heaviest paper settings (cardstock usually). Choose optimum photo printing (a lot of ink is soaked up so make sure you have this selected if your printer provides it.)
  5. Do not load your material in the auto feed of your printer. Issue the print comand and then load the material through the manual feed. In most situations the manual feed is a method that allows the paper to go straight through without curling around the rollers. If yours still curls around a roller ( even in manual feed) then clean your roller throughly or you may well get ink markings that can't be removed.
  6. Allow the piece to dry for 10 minutes before using on your layout. Otherwise you run the risk of smudging your image or blurring it because the ink spreads into surrounding fibres.
  7. Adhere the masterpiece to your layout.
  8. Stand back and enjoy the ohhhhhhsss and ahhhhhhs from family and friends as they marvel at your skill with the computer and as a scrapbooker.

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Julie said...

This is cool Dawn. I have wanted to print on linen cloth - or some textured surface for some time and all I have tried was white linen Bazzill - worked really well - but on to something even more textured!Thanks for the inspiration.