Monday, April 9, 2007

Lesson Learned

Last night I needed some photo's of a car for a layout. So I dashed out to where it was and camera in hand proceeded to snap some photos of the car. Pleased that I had beaten the setting sun I jumped back in my car and made the 20 minute trip back to the city.

Excited and happy to have the photo to complete a competition layout I loaded the card into my computer and brought them up and then my tears began to fall. There in every single solitary picture were the reflections of houses, and garages and garbage. How could I have been so very careless in my picture taking. I know better than that. However, anxiety and haste masked my little voice that tells me to look for those small details.

Well here I was just 4 hours from the deadline and the photos as they were couldn't be used. So what did I do? I started cropping and layering to create the photo that was to be used. It is nothing like the image that I had anticpated using but you know I think it turned out just fine and dandy. Now I sort of like the trees reflected in the side of the body and the details of the rear lights.

So what were my lessons learned? First - Don't plan a competition piece around a photo that doesn't already exist. Second - Never be in a hurry to take photos, take your time look through that lense and see what your camera is REALLY going to capture. Third - there is always something good to be found in every bad photo. Finally - photoshop is worth every penny that I invested into it.


melina said...

I am glad I am not the only one that has to learn photo lessons. Even the Pros learn everyday! I agree I love photoshop!!!!

Julie said...

I love Photoshop too - that is one shiny car Dawn - was there any way around the reflections? I love what you did with the photos though and I am inspired to play with a few of my photos in Photoshop today.

Pam said...

these photos are amazing and i am sure a lot of work. i don't worry about photoshop...i just let melina do it for me (he he)