Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Inspiration from a Creative Genius

I am lucky to have amongst my friends a woman who has a creative streak that never seems to end. I love scrapping with her as we push each other to new extremes while respecting the style in which we scrap. She pushes me to take on challenges and acknowledge that the world is ours for the taking. We only need to believe that we deserve that piece of the pie.

Amanda Lepage is my scrapping buddy and inspiration. Last week she created a project for a design team competition that was out of this world. First I was blown away by the overall project but when I started to review this mini album I was touched to the core to find out that she takes inspiration from me. I really never thought that I had affected her that way as our styles are so very different. She is a very flat scrapper and I am very 3D - we both love texture and we both adore the effects of Photoshop.

I was pleased when she said I could take two elements from her mini album and incorporate them my style into a layout. I seldom share a layout before it is finished but today I am going to do just that.

Before I share with you I should tell you about another amazing lady in my life - My very bestest friend Judy. She is not the one that I would call to come and bail me out in the middle of the night. I can see the puzzled looks on your faces - hehe. So how can I say she is my bestest friend? Simple because she is the one in the cell on the bench beside me saying "Dang wasn't that fun!!" Judy and I have done some things that make others raise their eyebrows wondering how old we really are - smile. For the record we are in our mid- forties and lovin life to the fullest!

In February we found our selves in a bar for a concert with Ian Mitchell of Bay City Rollers fame. We had a complete blast reliving the past. We were determined to get his autograph, alas there was a distinct lack of paper available so as all good fans we do.....................

We gave him the chance to autograph the best that we had to offer. Our breasts! Judy's lovely rack (Ian's words) was signed from left to right and as I had a large space to fill (Ian's words) I was signed from 'tip" to top. Now your not ever going to see those pictures on this blog but I am so happy with my work in progress that i wanted to share with you "Bosom Buddies" in the making.

Yes, you are all seeing very clearly. It is a bra on my page. The front closure opens to reveal the photos and the journalling. Yes I have used rubons and paint on the bra itself.

Trust me this will in deed as the rubon says be a one of a kind layout for a one of a kind friendship and adventure. I can hardly wait to sit down and finish it and submit in my portfolios.

Thank you Amanda for allowing me to use some of your ideas and make them my own, your gonna go places with your work and I hope you remember us little people. Judy, you are the best partner in crime a girl could want. Thanks for lending your best physical assestes to this project (hmmmm did I tell you that you were being featured - well guess you know now). Love you both with all my heart.


Kelly Klassen said...

Dawn, I love the canvas - that is awesome, I never ever ever would have thought of that!!
Where does the Crop Cruise port out of???

Dawn Hueser said...

Hi Kelly - actually it is not a canvas it is a real layout for my album. I used a heavy chipboard for the backdrop.

Thanks for stopping by - your work is awesome.

scrappaleica said...

Dawn, you have officially made me laugh so hard. The bra thing is hilarious. I just couldn't stop thinking of you & Judy and the barn/cogirl photo incident while reading this. Everyone needs good friends like this. (go hard or stay home, hey?)Thanks for all the laughs!!!!

melina said...

Nice Bra! You made me giggle! I can not believe your hooters fit on that album.

Ralna Nordstrom said...

dawn you are such a hoot! Never a dull moment with you two crazy ladies.

Pam said...

i love this idea! you are such a creative mind! you are the only person i know who would think of something like this!